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SALLS - German language courses in Vienna Austria, German courses in Moscow, summer German language courses in Austria Vienna, learn German in Austria Vienna

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German language courses

SALLS is an elite training center that focuses on the quality of education. We use dynamically adaptable programs and deliver a thorough knowledge of the German language.

German courses in Austria

  • teachers from Austrian universities
  • practical learning of German
  • dynamically adaptable program
  • interactive teaching and testing
  • SALLS campus accommodation in Vienna
  • extensive cultural program

German Courses in Moscow

  • honored Austrian teachers
  • individual and group courses
  • evening classes and weekend groups
  • admission preparational courses
  • German language classes in mini-groups
  • traineeship in Austria

German in Austria

Vacations in Austria

Online German courses

German courses in Vienna, Austria

You need to attend German courses at educational center SALLS, if:

  • you set a goal to really learn German
  • you are motivated , goal-oriented and willing to engage in the language 10 hours a day
  • you focus on getting knowledge, not just collecting useless paper certificates
  • You plan to continue education in Austria
  • You want to study in groups of 2-3 students

Attending SALLS courses gives students an opportunity to:

  • use SALLS online program
  • monitor performance and progress in learning German
  • use SALLS audio, video and media centers
  • always be in touch with teachers and native speakers

Affordable German

Classic German

Intensive German

Affordable German

We teach in groups of 8-12 people. Our teaching method is designed for group work and continuous dialogue with a teacher. At the end of each week students get tested to verify the knowledge of covered material. They are expected to do daily homework and work online independently.

Affordable German
for independent students

  • group of 8 - 12 students
  • weekly workload: 20 hours
  • expected workload: 36 hours
  • duration: 4 week, 4 times per week

Classic German course

Classic or Standard German language course is designed for beginners or advanced students. Classes are held in small groups of up to 6 people. It covers German grammar and oral practice with a native speaker. Students are expected to do homework daily and spend at least 10 hours per week on homework.

Classic course aims to generate solid knowledge. Students learn fast and feel comfortably in a German-speaking environment after they have completed the course.

Classic German Course
Effective learning of German

  • 3 - 4 students in a group
  • weekly commitment: 20 hours
  • workload: 36 hours
  • duration: from 4 weeks
  • 1st Monday of the month

Intensive German language course

German course is conducted in small groups of 3-6 people. In addition to active work in the classroom students spend about 20 hours per week self-training.

Intensive course is the key to obtaining thorough knowledge of the German language. SALLS unique teaching methods and online system help students study effectively. If your goal is to study in an Austrian university or work for an Austria/German company Intensive course is for you!

Intensive German
Effective learning of German

  • groups of 3 - 4 students
  • weekly commitment: 40 hours
  • amount of work: 60 hours
  • duration: 4 weeks
  • 1st Monday of the month

Individual German Course

We evaluate your level of German using written and oral tests during the first class. After that we create an individual training plan in accordance with the objectives and desires of the student. This plan is dynamically adapted to the abilities of a student’s learning progress.

Individual lessons in German language can be combined with other courses at educational center to improve the efficiency of learning.

Individual German course

  • starting language level: А1
  • weekly commitment: 20 hours
  • workload: 40 hours
  • duration: from 2 weeks
  • flexible starting dates

Summer Camp in Vienna, Austria

Cultural and educational center SALLS offers language-learning holidays in a summer camp for pupils. The camp is located in one of the most beautiful and green districts of Vienna. Students are trained and live on a comfortable school campus under the constant supervision of teachers and educators. There are sports facilities on the territory of the school campus: football, basketball and volleyball, gym, ping pong and billiards. Music and ballet classes available.

Summer camp
Language-learning holidays in Vienna

  • group of 8-10 students
  • weekly workload 30 hours
  • full boarding
  • July and August
  • duration: from 4 weeks

Our students can communicate with parents 24/7 using WiFi. A transfer from / to the airport is organized for high school students. Upon arrival, students receive a schedule for the whole duration of the course, as well as a local SIM-card. We offer apartments and visa support for parents willing to stay in Vienna for the duration of the course.

New friends, language practice and student atmosphere help instill interest and thirst for knowledge, motivate students to continue their education and return to Austria for higher education.

Online German courses

Real-time language course is a great opportunity to learn the language directly from home or office, and feel like being in the classroom with a qualified teacher. You save time on the commute or travel abroad, and study in a familiar setting. We offer classes for high school and college students, businessmen and for those who have always wanted to learn the language, but never had time to do it.


  • number of lessons: 10
  • duration: 3 hours
  • workload: 45 hours
  • level of teaching: from А1 to С1
  • duration: from 4 weeks
+43 (1) 229 73 85