German Courses

You want to  learn  speak German? We have the right course for you!

Basic German

Duration20 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort4 lessons
TimeTwice per week
LevelsA1 – B1
per month

Special Offer

Book a long-term German course (over 3 months) and save 20% on tuition fees

Classic German

Duration4 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort20 lessons
TimeMon – Fri
LevelsA1 – C1
per month

Intensive German

Duration4 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort30 lessons
TimeMon – Fri
LevelsA1 – C1
per month

ÖSD Examinations

Book a crash courses for ÖSD examinations and save 20% on the examination fees

ÖSD Exam Crash Course

Duration2 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort8 lessons
TimeTwice per week
LevelsA1 – C1

ÖSD Exam Dates


* a registration for an examination closes one week prior to the examination date.


ÖSD Exam Fees

Level A1€ 120
Level A2/B1€ 145
Level B2€ 175
Level C1€ 225
ÖSD Certificate€ 0

* the fees are to be paid in advance and are non-refundable one week prior to an exam.


German Courses for University

German courses for University admission (A2) and academic German for University (C1 / EPD)

German Courses for University Admission (A2)

Duration12 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort30 lessons
TimeMon – Fir
LevelsA0 – A2

German Courses for University EPD

Duration18 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort30 lessons
TimeMon – Fir
LevelsB1 – C1

German Courses for University ÖSD C1

Duration30 weeks
Starting dateMonthly
Weekly Effort30 lessons
TimeMon – Fir
LevelsA0 – C1

German Courses Schedule

German courses from 09:00 till 21:00. 4 Sessions per day, from Monday till Friday.

Weekday Schedule

09:00Session 1: Morning German | 4 lessons
12:00Session 2: Noon German | 4 lessons
15:00Session 3: Afternoon German | 4 lessons
18:00Session 4: Evening German | 4 lessons

Weekend Courses

Sat Sun
12:00Session 1: Weekend German | 5 lessons

Why to learn German at SALLS Academy

The TOP-5 reasons to choose SALLS Academy and take courses with us

University Preparation

Get prepared for the admission to an Austria public university – take the pre-university course “German for University Admission A2” and a final ÖSD A2 Exam.

Effective preparation for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

You can continue the programme until the C1 level of German language i.e. get ready for a degree programme (Bachelor or Master) at an Austrian university. Actually, the certificate is recognised all over the world, thus you can apply to any university – be it in Germany or Switzerland.

ÖSD Examination Center

The SALLS German language courses effectively prepare students for a ÖSD examination. Completing a course you could take an internal or a ÖSD examination.

Learn German, take ÖSD exams and get a language certificate

ÖSD examination take place each month in the SALLS Academy. The students of SALLS Academy and external students are welcomed to take a ÖSD exam at SALLS. Although our students enjoy a 20% discount on the examination fees.

University Counselling

If you are planning to continue your higher education in Austria, we would be happy to recommend a pre-university courses – be it a private of a public one – and to assist and support your university application and choose the right course for you.

FREE University counselling and support for international students

We are happy to support your dreams and give the push to your future career – you can always refer to our academic personnel and get an educational counselling. If you need an assistance with accommodation booking or visa advice, we are always here to support our peers.

Stellar German Tutors

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We love to teach and love the school where we teach

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Perfect Central Location

The school is conveniently located in 5 walking minutes from the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Medicine. It takes only 5 to 15 minutes to get to the SALLS Academy from students accommodations.

The central location, ONLY 5 minutes from the University of Vienna

Moreover, the academy is located in the center of the University life, in few steps from the University campus. Learning the language at SALLS Academy means being in the center of students’ life in Vienna.